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Audrey Chemin

Audrey Chemin

Mortgage Broker



Accompanying people in their life projects is for me a vocation that is reflected in my daily life and that pushes me to give the best of myself every day.

Having worked for 10 years as a "Market Research" analyst in the health sector, this allowed me to perfect my rigor and master the numbers. It was then that I chose to personalize my profession by becoming a birth attendant. Then, I naturally decided to pursue the accompaniment of others towards projects of a different nature and in a field that I am just as passionate about, real estate, by becoming a mortgage broker.
As an immigrant myself, I immediately decided to develop tools to help my fellow human beings find accurate and quality information. That is how I came to specialize in managing mortgage transactions for newcomers (temporary or permanent residents) or foreign investors.

I bend over backwards for my clients and fight for each of them with their best interests at heart. My goal is to provide them with the best service and to find them a solution and a rate tailored to their needs.

I will work with you every step of the way and offer solutions that take into account your long term goals in life whether it be a purchase, renewal, refinancing, debt consolidation...

I reside on the South Shore of Montreal, but I will take care of anyone who wishes to buy in the province of Quebec.

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Audrey Chemin

Audrey Chemin

Mortgage Broker

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