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Ernest MacDonald

Ernest MacDonald

Mortgage Broker

Language(s): English
Specialties: Residential Mortgages





Specializing in Residential and Commercial Mortgage lending

Ernie has 12 years of business and personal lending experience with the banks. He will shop the market for the best available rates and conditions, then recommend the one that fits the client's final goals.

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Whether it's purchasing or refinancing a home or a commercial property, it will be one of the biggest financial decisions you make. I will guide you through the mortgage lending process, analyzing your situation, discerning your needs, and helping you choose the best option for your particular circumstances. I will provide you with the best financial deal. I don't work for a lender; I work for you. My clients are busy and their time is important to them. Partnering with Canada's largest mortgage brokerage firm allows me to negotiate with all the leading financial institutions. We will work together to analyze your needs to find the right mortgage for you. Call me today! - Ernie MacDonald



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Ernest MacDonald

Ernest MacDonald

Mortgage Broker

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