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Kathy Locke

Kathy Locke

Mortgage Broker

Concierge Mortgage Group

Lic # 12179
Language(s): English
Specialties: Residential Mortgages



Concierge Mortgage Group Inc. represents a team of knowledgeable, ethical and reputable mortgage professionals who can tailor your mortgage financing to your unique lifestyle and goals.

Independently owned and operated, Concierge is proud to be a network partner of Mortgage Intelligence, Canada's trusted source for mortgage solutions.

With Kathy Locke, you can expect an authentic experience defined by honesty, integrity and peace of mind.  As an Accredited Mortgage Professional, Kathy has met the highest standards of industry performance, continuing education and ethical business practices.

Whether you want to buy a new home, set up a business, refinance or renew an existing mortgage, you deserve a smooth, respectful and personable transaction.  Kathy will work in your best interest to negotiate and get you the product that suits your needs in the most cost-effective manner.

Please contact Kathy Locke to assist you in finding a seamless solution to your mortgage needs.

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Kathy Locke

Kathy Locke

Mortgage Broker

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