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  1. 6.69%
    1 year fixed
  2. 4.99%
    3 year fixed
  3. 4.69%
    5 year fixed
  4. 5.65%
    7 year fixed

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Fixed Residential Rate

With a fixed-rate mortgage, you’ll know with absolute certainty what your rate and payment will be each month for the term of your mortgage, offering you stability and peace of mind. Since fixed rate mortgages are not affected by fluctuating interest rates, you can "set it and forget it."

Term Posted Rate Mortgage Intelligence
1yr 7.84% 6.69%
2yr 7.39% 5.84%
3yr 6.94% 4.99%
4yr 6.74% 4.94%
5yr 6.79% 4.69%
7yr 7.00% 5.65%
10yr 7.49% 6.05%