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Eric Palmer

Mortgage Broker



(613) 384-2334

Regions served: Downtown, area bounded by?Princess St., Sir John A. MacDonald Blvd and Lake Ontario

Specialties: Residential Mortgages, Alternative Lending, Reverse Mortgages

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About Me

About Me

Eric takes pride in being a Mortgage Intelligence Broker and with  40+ years of  Mortgage experience  he is well versed, with all lending aspects .

When you choose to work with Eric, you  get his complete attention, (He even answers his phone, imagine that) . 

Always leave me a message, however if you were unable to reach me, i will call you back promptly, I promise.

Timely communication, and keeping my clients informed is one of the key to my success. 

 Eric can offer you competitive rates from a choice of over 30 lenders and is able to find a mortgage solution that will best suit your needs. While times and Mortgage  rules change , Eric still offers unbiased advice and guidance along the way. 

Whether you’re shopping for a new home or refinancing your existing mortgage, Eric can help you find out how much you will qualify for and assist you in obtaining a pre-approved mortgage with up to 120-day interest rate guarantee.

Eric will listen to you, assess your needs and provide solutions that are right for your personal circumstances. Your satisfaction is his priority.

He takes a great deal of pleasure from helping people realize their dreams, and .has built his business on referrals and repeat business from satisfied customers. His clients take comfort in wing they can contact him whenever they have a question or a concern. He is happy to take calls or make appointments when the timing is best for his clients. on weekdays, evenings and weekends.

An active member of his community, Eric has a broad network of contacts ( including Kingston Connections ) to compliment his services and address his client’s needs. He looks forward to serving you.


7 reasons to use a Mortgage Broker over your Bank

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Reverse Mortgages

If you’re a homeowner over the age of 55 and want to tap into your home equity, a reverse mortgage can be the right solution for you. A reverse mortgage is also known as an “equity release”. With a reverse mortgage, you can access up to 55% of the equity in your home tax-free as a lump sum or monthly cash deposits. The maximum amount you are able to borrow will depend on your age, your home’s appraised value, and our lender. No mortgage payments are required and you maintain ownership of your home. Repayment of the loan and interest is only required once you move or sell the home. At the end of your loan term, you may have less equity in your home. If you don’t make any payments, which is fine, you may have a larger interest payment to make when the home is sold.

A lender will often ask you to consult a lawyer prior to giving you a reverse mortgage to ensure you understand the conditions of the mortgage. The lender can never force you to sell your home to repay the reverse mortgage. It is also important to note that all existing loans on the property, including a mortgage or a home equity line of credit must be paid off prior to getting the mortgage.

Whether you’re looking for a financial cushion to live comfortably, funds to cover monthly expenses, pay off debt, renovate or fund your children’s education, you can use the funds from a reverse mortgage in any way you want without restrictions! What’s more, is if the home goes up in value, it doesn’t affect the reverse mortgage, meaning that all equity gained is yours! Lastly, you can get out of a reverse mortgage at any time by paying off the loan and any interest accrued.

Have a discussion with your mortgage professional to find out if a reverse mortgage is the right solution for you.

Alternative Lending

With the ever-changing market and a stricter stress test, many Canadians are finding it harder to qualify for a mortgage through traditional financial institutions “A-Lenders” and are turning to alternative lending solutions for their mortgage. At Mortgage Intelligence we work with many alternative lenders, who can offer excellent mortgage options with more flexible criteria and more lenient qualification requirements.

Alternative lenders are great for individuals who have non-traditional forms of income for example, capital gains, room rental income, child tax benefits and others or for self employed applicants who may not have the minimum required number of years being self employed.

These lending solutions are also a good option for those with lower credit scores. While the rate they offer is slightly higher than what you will see posted by an A-Lender, they are nothing out of the ordinary when compared to traditional rates posted in Canada. They also generally have shorter terms, meaning that you can get into the home of your dreams while being able to rebuild your credit at the same time.

Buyers who don’t qualify under the mortgage stress test can also take advantage of the expanded debt service ratios allowed by alternative lenders to qualify for a mortgage and get into the home of their dreams. If you have a very unique situation, we also have access to various private lenders who are even more flexible and lenient in requirements and may be able to offer you mortgage options that fit your situation. In today’s environment, we’re seeing more private lenders helping Canadians with their mortgages.

Call your Mortgage Intelligence professional to find out about the different options available to you. They are experts when it comes to mortgage products and different solutions and will provide you with unbiased advice. They work for you, not the lender.

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