Home Improvements

Opportunity knocks! Answer!

Refinance your house and get those renos done

Sure, your property has increased in value over the years. Still, you’ve got a whole lot of renovations to attend to; it’s time to get to it! You just have to tap into your equity. 
A Mortgage Intelligence broker can guide and advise you to ensure you get the best loan, and negotiate optimal terms and conditions so you can get your renovations done.

Renovations are the primary reason Québec homeowners refinance their mortgage. Make sure you plan. Take the time to evaluate what you want to do before getting started; sometimes maintenance jobs take priority over design and upgrade ideas. It’s frustrating, but maintenance is essential  before “added value” improvements. Sorry if that’s not what you want to hear, but those are the facts. Renovate smart and stay out of trouble!

Renovation is all about priorities

Maintenance and repairs

These are the urgent and important repairs that directly affect the state of your property and its value. Negligence will get you nowhere. Not convinced? Think about the nightmare of a leaky roof or falling bricks; all can cause extensive and expensive damage.

Upgrades and improvements

Need to update or fix damaged parts of your property? Updating leaky old windows or an outdated heat pump costs money, but these are essential basics in the maintenance of your property.

Design and lifestyle updates

Yes! These are the renovations you had in mind. Be aware; some renovations add more value to your home than others. Bathroom and kitchen renovations, for example, should be at the top of your list.

Top 5 things to consider if you’re moving out

If you’re moving out soon, think about how relevant the renovation is against the above criteria. When you look at the situation logically, you may end up changing your mind.

Renovating with respect to the environment

With respect to the environment, make sure to think about eco-friendly and durable materials that are easy to maintain while planning your renovations.

Top considerations before renovating

There’s a lot to think about when you get into renovations: evaluate and plan, before, during and after your project. Here’s a list of key considerations: