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Nancy DeLorenzi

Nancy DeLorenzi

Mortgage Agent

Monarch Mortgage Group

Lic # 12930
Language(s): English, Italian
Specialties: Residential Mortgages



My name is Nancy DeLorenzi and I have been in the finance and banking industry for over 23 years, specializing in Mortgages for over 41 years.

I have an Accredited Mortgage Professional Designation. This recently introduced designation requires industry experience, specialized ethics training and an ongoing commitment to industry training programs.

My experience has given me an excellent platform in which to meet the needs of homeowners. I have in-depth knowledge of all products in the marketplace and valuable insight as to the best way to work and negotiate with lenders for the benefit of my clients.

With access to over 30 competing banks, trusts, life insurance companies, I offer a spectrum  of mortgage financing services, some of them include:

  • Lower than posted bank rates
  • 95% Financing
  • Mortgages for the Self-Employed
  • Mortgages for Real Estate Investors
  • Debt Consolidation to reduce debt load
  • Home Renovation Loans
  • Commercial Financing

Many Canadians have an investment advisor to help them sort through their investment choices. Now, Canadians are turning to mortgage brokers to help them make better mortgage decisions.

Let me help you get the results you want and deserve! Contact me at your earliest convenience so I can start helping your clients make better mortgage decisions. After all, making the right mortgage decisions can have a huge financial impact over the long term.

I look forward to speaking with you.

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Nancy DeLorenzi

Nancy DeLorenzi

Mortgage Agent

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