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Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor

Mortgage Agent

Concierge Mortgage Group

LIC# 12179
Language(s): English
Specialties: Residential Mortgages, Alternative Lending



I have two primary niches - I love to work with first time home buyers, and I do a lot of difficult mortgages - situations which are hard to get approved at your bank. If you have damaged credit, are self employed, or are recently separated or divorced, you will want to talk to me. Because I am not only a mortgage agent, I am also a registered BIA insolvency counselor.

I help people with too many debts use their home equity to settle these debts at a sizable discount to the amounts owing. I also help homeowners in a consumer proposal extract equity from their home.

And if your circumstances require it, I will re-establish your credit and give you a blueprint towards rapidly rebuilding your credit history.

If you want to follow my blog, you will find almost six hundred unique articles at

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Alternative Lending

With the ever-changing market and a stricter stress test, many Canadians are finding it harder to qualify for a mortgage through traditional financial institutions “A-Lenders” and are turning to alternative lending solutions for their mortgage. At Mortgage Intelligence we work with many alternative lenders, who can offer excellent mortgage options with more flexible criteria and more lenient qualification requirements.

Alternative lenders are great for individuals who have non-traditional forms of income for example, capital gains, room rental income, child tax benefits and others or for self employed applicants who may not have the minimum required number of years being self employed.

These lending solutions are also a good option for those with lower credit scores. While the rate they offer is slightly higher than what you will see posted by an A-Lender, they are nothing out of the ordinary when compared to traditional rates posted in Canada. They also generally have shorter terms, meaning that you can get into the home of your dreams while being able to rebuild your credit at the same time.

Buyers who don’t qualify under the mortgage stress test can also take advantage of the expanded debt service ratios allowed by alternative lenders to qualify for a mortgage and get into the home of their dreams. If you have a very unique situation, we also have access to various private lenders who are even more flexible and lenient in requirements and may be able to offer you mortgage options that fit your situation. In today’s environment, we’re seeing more private lenders helping Canadians with their mortgages.

Call your Mortgage Intelligence professional to find out about the different options available to you. They are experts when it comes to mortgage products and different solutions and will provide you with unbiased advice. They work for you, not the lender.

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Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor

Mortgage Agent

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