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Sandie Sloan-Lemay

Sandie Sloan-Lemay

Mortgage Broker

Smart Debt Mortgages

LIC# 12236
Specialties: Residential Mortgages



With over 40 years of Mortgage Brokering and Banking experience, my continued mandate is to offer all clients the best possible choices and solutions, within their specific circumstances and needs, for Residential Financing, be it for Owner- Occupied or Rental properties.

(Commercial financing referred within our office)

We, as a  Brokering company, have access to a large source of Canadian Institutional Lenders, offering a myriad of Financing Options and Competitive Specials, some lenders may even be your own, but because of the volume of business we may send them, we can often negotiate better financing for you through our Broker channel, and save you all the hassle, time and money by finding out who has the best financing available to you and doing all the paperwork.

If needed, we also have access to "B" Lenders which means we require the assistance of  a Non-Bank Lender who can "BEND" THE TRADITIONAL BANK RULES OR GUIDELINES, but are still able help you with your financing. 

My job is to LISTEN TO ALL YOU HAVE TO SAY, discuss your circumstances,  needs and wants , then put together the best proposal for financing approval for you to review, and decide if you wish to proceed.

I look forward to hearing from you, and am here to help however I can.


Sandie Sloan-Lemay





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Sandie Sloan-Lemay

Sandie Sloan-Lemay

Mortgage Broker

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