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Taras Bablak

Taras Bablak

Mortgage Agent

Norseman Mortgages

Lic # 13264
Language(s): English, Polish, Ukranian
Specialties: Residential Mortgages



I’m Taras – a mortgage expert and client advisor.  I spent over 8 years in retail banking where I learned the ins and outs of credit and getting to the solution my clients need. I’ve earned a strong reputation for building lasting relationships based on trust.  I pride myself on my ability to meet and exceed customers expectations. I’ve helped hundreds of clients close their real estate deals on time without headaches.

I believe that for most people, real estate is the single largest investment you’ll make.  Mortgages are important and complex and I’m here to help you navigate the different products and solutions available to you.  I’ll let you focus on the property – and you can leave the mortgage to me, knowing that I will find the best product and program available.  My focus is, and always will be, you and your family.

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Taras Bablak

Taras Bablak

Mortgage Agent

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