1. Steady as it goes – Bank of Canada maintains its key policy rate at 5.0 %

    In its recent decision, the Bank of Canada has opted to maintain the key policy rate at 5.0%. This move comes after assessing data as of October 2023, which indicates that the inflation rate stands at 3.1% and is expected to gradually move toward 2.5% by the third quarter of 2024. Bank of Canada Governor […]

  2. FAQs: Navigating the Ins and Outs of Mortgage Creditor Insurance 

    Question: Why should I consider mortgage creditor insurance?  Answer: Mortgage creditor insurance, along with optional add-ons like disability and critical illness coverage, provides vital protection. It ensures that significant loans, such as mortgages, will be paid off if you pass away or experience a health condition that prevents you from working.  Question: Who is mortgage […]

  3. Bank of Canada maintains its key policy rate at 5.0%

    The Bank of Canada kept the overnight rate today to 5.0% after receiving data, as of September 2023, that the inflation rate is at 3.8% and trending downward towards its target of 2%.  Canada will officially announce soon it has entered a recession which is expected to be short in duration and this also bolstered […]

  4. Why Mortgage Creditor Insurance is Crucial for Protecting Your Home and Family

    In the world of mortgages, Mortgage Creditor Insurance may not be the most common topic of discussion, but its importance cannot be understated. The topic often receives less attention, primarily because it deals with life’s more uncomfortable possibilities: the prospect of severe illnesses, unforeseen disabilities, or even mortality. Bringing up these topics isn’t always easy, […]

  5. It’s “wait and see” as Bank of Canada maintains its key policy rate at 5%

    The Bank of Canada announced today that it will hold the overnight rate at 5% despite an inflation rate increase to 3.3% in July 2023 which is trending further away from its target inflation rate of 2%. The central bank is adopting a “wait and see” stance as there was a sharp drop in domestic […]

  6. Is there a “perfect time” to purchase a home?

    You’ve saved enough for a down payment, your credit is in ship shape, you are gainfully employed, and you’ve even saved enough for closing costs and moving expenses. All systems go. You’re ready to get into the housing market! No doubt, you worked hard to get to this point and your excitement at the prospect […]

  7. Bank of Canada raises its key policy rate by .25% to 5.0%

    The Bank of Canada increased the overnight rate today to 5% despite the decline in the inflation rate to 3.4% as of May 2023 because of lower energy prices. Food and shelter inflation remains high. In a recent speech, Deputy Governor Paul Beaudry stated: “We know this tightening cycle has not been easy for many […]

  8. Moving for work? Don’t forget to claim your moving expenses

    So long Ontario and BC… Alberta and Atlantic Canada are luring Millennials and Gen Zs in record numbers, with that rare combination of good job prospects and, with home prices that are still within reach, a decent shot at home ownership. The latest figures from Statistics Canada show 50,000 young families per year are leaving […]

  9. Bank of Canada raises its key policy rate by .25% to 4.75%

    The Bank of Canada increased the overnight rate today to 4.75% citing persistent inflation at 4.4%, a hot job market and stronger than expected economy. By raising the overnight rate, the expected effect in the coming months is: “In our baseline forecast, the labour market will soften as the economy slows. Wage growth will ease. […]

  10. Understanding CRA Reporting Rules for Property Sales – Including Your Principal Residence

    This article is for information purposes only and is not intended as tax advice. We recommend you consult a recognized and accredited tax professional if your situation warrants it.  Real estate is widely considered to be one of the best investments you can make. It’s an excellent way to build wealth through capital appreciation or […]